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Whitefield Restaurants Every Food Lover Must Visit

Dec 06, 2017 05:53 PM

Even a couple of decades back, anyone would have described Whitefield as a place outside the Bengaluru main city. Today, it is one of the primary settling places for people. It is one of the foremost residential and commercial hubs that have a mix of premium as well as affordable housing options. Real estate builders and developer are having a tough time in meeting the demand for housing in the locality. Naturally, Whitefield has its share of restaurants, eateries and cafes. It has a lively food culture. There are delicacies that should not be missed.

Why Whitefield?

When it comes to food, Whitefield has its significance in history tied to the British era. Hence, it has retained some its connection to food with the bygone era. Today, with the ever-expanding city limits, Whitefield is an integral part of it. The many IT Parks have attracted people from all over the country. Hence, the restaurants have adapted to the modern taste buds of the people living here. There is also a section that has grown tired of the mainstream restaurants in Bengaluru.

Yummy Sicilian Delicacies… Anyone?

Hence, they too are on the lookout for new restaurants with different recipe tastes. Whitefield offers exciting options, and people throng to this place for a great culinary delight. One such great option is Toscano. The restaurant has in fact become synonymous with Italian food in Bengaluru. If you ever visit here, you will never be disappointed. For a true Sicilian dining experience, Toscano is where you should be. Savour their Tiramisu, melon Prosciutto, and their Parma Ham.

Beer, Sushi and European Delights

Restaurants in WhitefieldA fairly recent addition to Whitefield’s nightlife is the Biergarten. It is a happening location where people enjoy freshly brewed beer with incredible European cuisine. There is a huge and ethereal outdoor seating area. Major sports events are always screened live at Biergarten, making it one of the most happening eateries in Whitefield, Bengaluru. Next up is The Fat Chef, a cult favourite in Whitefield. Head to this restaurant if you find it difficult to choose between sushi and steak. The restaurant has stood the test of time over these years.

Live Music Adds To The Fun
Restaurants in Whitefield

Many visit The Fat Chef to enjoy the Old Bangalore feeling. The ambiance is most-relaxing. Another positive about the place is you can bring pets. It is an animal-friendly restaurant. Yet another microbrewery in the heart of Whitefield is the Windmills Craftworks. You will also find a Jazz Theatre here. The food here is simply delectable. The presence of live music makes the food even more enjoyable. Those who are not aware, Windmills Craftworks is known for its unique way of taking orders. Everything happens through a tablet. This is one place you should never give a miss.

The Perfect Kerala Experience In Whitefield
Kerala Restaurant in Whitefield

The Salt Mango Tree is known for the signature dishes Cheerayilkonju, Chemeen Kakkan, and Thalassery Biriyani. This restaurant promises a thorough Kerala experience, and delivers just that! You don’t have to go through a long and confusing menu. It’s short and sweet, and worth every bite. Every dish is prepared with great care, and is focused and compact. Moreover, Salt Mango Tree is located away from the hustle and bustle of Whitefield. This makes this place even more enjoyable.

For Those Laidback Moments
Theme Restaurant in Whitefield

Another restaurant that aims to showcase the bygone era of Anglo-Indian culture against a colonial setup is The Whitefield Arms. It is an excellent place for family get-togethers or for a drink. It is part of the Waverly Hotel/VR Mall. The USP of this place is the outdoor seating area, though it also has a petite indoor seating. The ambience is very laidback and enjoyable. The seating is also comfortable. In order to truly soak in the mood, one should always sit outside. With the lights on in the evening, the outdoor looks beautiful.

Delicacies, Grills & Thalis
Barbeque Nation in WhitefieldSome of its loved dishes are Mulligatawny Soup, Haymarket Stacked Salad, Mushroom Poppers, Chicken Pantra, Devil Chicken Fry, TWA Chips (Cheese and Gravy), Beef Tenderloin Burger, Vilayathi Veg with Saffron Rice, Railway Mutton Curry, Classic Carrot Cake, Chocolate Sin, and Saffron Poached Pear Crumble Sundae. If buffets are your thing, you can always have a quick one in Barbeque Nation. They offer over 50 dishes with unlimited grills, starters, main course and desserts, writes NDTV Food.

Rajdhani Restaurant in WhitefieldThe restaurant knows how to delight its customers every time they visit. If you want to satisfy your pure vegetarian instincts, head to the Rajdhani Thali Restaurant. You will love their Marwadi Kadhi, Daal Baati Churma, Jalebi with Rabdi. The joint serves both Rajasthani as well as Gujarati foods, made of pure ghee. The buffet will consist of 2-3 farsans, 8-10 main course items and three desserts. Thus, whether it is a family get-together, a team lunch, a blind date or a family dinner, Whitefield will surprise you with its eateries and restaurants
The restaurants listed above provide a hassle-free and memorable food munching experience. Make sure you try out every single of them. Happy munching!

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