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Top 5 Banks In Whitefield Providing Amazing Home Loan Options

Aug 14, 2017 04:39 PM

There are a lot of factors to consider once you start planning to buy a property in Whitefield. One such crucial factor is home loan. Getting a home loan to finance your property is vital. Here we have compiled a list of top five banks in Whitefield where you can get financed. The interest rates, eligibility and other factors differ from bank to bank. So go ahead and select one that suits your requirement the best.



It is one of the most popular banks in India. Those looking to go for a home loan from HDFC Bank in Whitefield, they should go to this following address – 183, Sri Sai Towers, Main Rd, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066. It is just opposite Forum Value Mall. Its IFSC code is HDFC0004182. HDFC Bank home loans come with immense benefits. One can get approved even before he/she has selected the property. The support staff is always on their feet and helps you out until you fix on a property. Their home loans start at 8.35 percent.


The main benefits of HDFC Bank home loans are quick processing, free & safe document storage and special lower interest for women. If a woman is taking an HDFC Bank home loan of up to INR 30 lacs, and she is salaried/SEP, the interest rate will be 8.35 percent. For self-employed women, the rate is 8.50 percent. For others, it is 8.40 percent (salaried/SEP) and 8.55 percent (self-employed). For home loans from INR 30.01-75 lacs, the rate is 8.50 percent for salaried/SEP and 8.55-8.75 percent for self-employed.


For home loans above INR 75 lacs, the rate is 8.55 percent for salaried/SEP and 8.60-8.80 percent for self-employed. For information on HDFC Bank Whitefield home loans, click here.



ICICI Bank’s ITPL branch has address at Whitefield Road, G-02, Discoverer Block, ITPL, Tech Park Mall, Bangalore, Karnataka 560066. IFSC Code of the bank is ICIC0000551. ICICI Bank is one of the largest home loan financiers in India. You get your loan easily, quickly and just the way you need it. Faster processing, simplified paperwork and attractive interest rates are the highlights of ICICI Bank home loans. For more information on ICICI Bank home loan services and charges, click here.


The main benefits of ICICI Bank home loans include;

  1. Doorstep service
  2. Speedy loan sanction
  3. Simplified documentation
  4. Attractive interest rate options: Floating Rate, Fixed Rate or Part-fixed and Part-floating Rate
  5. Loan amounts ranging from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 3 crore
  6. Sanction prior to selection of property
  7. Insurance options for your Home Loan at attractive premium
  8. Free Personal Accident Insurance
  9. Guidance throughout the process


Axis Bank

The Axis Bank Whitefield branch has address at Citius, First Technology Place, No. 3 Epip, Whitefield, Karnataka, 560066. The IFSC code is UTIB0000514. The borrower can easily space out payments and even avail smaller EMIs to be paid over a longer tenure. Minimum loan amount is INR 3,00,000 and the maximum amount depends on combined income. There are no pre-payment charges on a floating rate loan. But for fixed rate loans, there is a pre-payment charge of two percent of outstanding principal/amount prepaid. Interest rate is applicable on both fixed and floating loans. For more information on Axis Bank home loans, click here.


The main features of Axis Bank home loans include;

  1. Avail attractive interest rates
  2. Choose your interest rate type
  3. Application process
  4. Transfer loan balance with ease
  5. Get service at your doorstep
  6. Pay no prepayment charges
  7. Be assured of quick, transparent processing
  8. Repay your loan over a longer tenure
  9. Earn eDGE Loyalty Points


Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.

If you want to go for Indiabulls housing loans, the address you need to visit is No. 295, 3rd Floor, Whitefield Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066. Nearest landmark is a State Bank ATM. Indiabulls home loans first understands the requirement of the borrower and then customises them to provide the best features possible. For home loan requirement of up to INR 30 lacs, Indiabulls offers up to 90 percent of the cost of property, including cost of land. For loans above INR 30 lacs and up to INR 75 lacs, it is 80 percent and for loans above INR 75 lacs, Indiabulls can provide maximum75 percent of the cost of property.


The maximum term is 30 years but that depends on the borrower’s retirement age. Home loans can be applied individually or jointly. The financier also provides adjustable interest rate home loans. For more information on Indiabulls home loans, click here.


State Bank of India

Visit SBI Whitefield branch at No.230, Sri Sai Arcade, Ramagondanhalli, Varthur Road, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560066, Opposite To Palm Meadows. State Bank of India provides home loans to those between 18-70 years of age. The loan amount is finalised after analysing the applicant’s cost of the proposed house/flat, income, assets and liabilities, age and repayment capacity.


One can enhance loan eligibility by adding the options such as regular income from all sources, depreciation, subject to some conditions, expected rent accruals (less taxes, cess, etc.) if the house/ flat being purchased is proposed to be rented out and income of your spouse/ your son/ daughter living with you, provided they have a steady income and his/ her salary account is maintained with SBI. For salaried women, the interest rate for up to loan of INR 30 lacs is 8.35 percent and for others it is 8.40 percent. For the non-salaried, it is 8.50 and 8.55 percent. To know more about SBI home loans, click here.


Make sure you visit the website of each and every bank listed above to understand more about the home loans they provide. It is best to visit these branches and speak to their executives who would be happy to help you out. There are various other banks or branches of the same banks mentioned above. Select the one closest to your property site. Happy home loan hunting and best of luck!

Banks Maximum Tenure (in years) Interest Rate (p.a) Per Lac EMI (in ₹) Processing Fee
State Bank of India (SBI) 30 8.35%-8.80%<For Salaried: 8.35%-8.65% (for women) and 8.40%-8.70% (for others) Self-employed Professionals/Non-Professionals: 8.50%-8.75% (for women) and 8.55%-8.80% (for others) 758-790 0.35% for every Lakh+Service tax or ₹ 10,000 whichever is less subject to minimum ₹ 2000
ICICI Bank 30 8.35%-8.85% (for women) & 8.40%-8.85% (for others) 758-794 0.50% of loan amount till 31st May 2017
Axis Bank 30 8.35%-8.75% 758-790 0.35% for every Lakh+Service tax or ₹ 10,000 whichever is less subject to minimum ₹ 2000
HDFC Ltd 30

8.35%-8.50% (for women)

8.40%-8.55% (for others)

758-790 0.35% for every Lakh+Service tax or ₹ 10,000 whichever is less subject to minimum ₹ 2000
Indiabulls Housing Finance 30

8.35%-8.50% (for women)

8.40%-8.55% (for others)

758-790 0.35% for every Lakh+Service tax or ₹ 10,000 whichever is less subject to minimum ₹ 2000

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