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Living In Whitefield For Art Lovers: The Art Scene Here, Galleries, Exhibitions & More

Jan 29, 2018 11:23 AM

If you romance bold brush strokes and clay figurines, if you fantasies the abstract or lust for lifelike murals, Whitefield will surely satiate your love of art. Whitefield art events and galleries are collaborative, and bring together artists of all manners, from all spheres of life. In there, you will meet sculptors, painters, photographers, cartoonists, designers, animators, and even filmmakers! Collaboration is the key to promote and nurture the art scene in India. This is exactly what Whitefield does. The third edition of Whitefield Art Collaborative kicked off recently at VR Bengaluru on Whitefield Main Road. It is on until Feb. 15.

Whitefield Art Scene

Similar events in Whitefield are regularly hosted to celebrate the spirit of innovation and creativity. The events feature scintillating performances, mixed media installations, motorised exhibits, paintings, and upcycled art. Art lovers spend considerable time in these events and galleries, both during daytime as well as night, to view the installations from different angles so as to unveil new contrasts and perspectives. Whitefield’s art scene has also inspired other professionals to unveil similar events, galleries and spaces across the country! Many more galleries, community events, and museums are coming up in Whitefield.

Art Galleries In WhitefieldAudience Appreciating Public Art

The art scene here is changing rapidly with the emergence of artificial intelligence and digital art. According to the President of Kochi Biennale, digital art is no more a mere trend but a transformation in art. Similarly, public art forums play an instrumental role in art discovery. As one of the most buzzing areas in Bengaluru, Whitefield always has an audience who appreciates art, as they are anyway there. Art galleries and events here are now changing their strategies to win over audience and also inspire future artists. Whitefield art galleries are a mix of contemporary, traditional, fusion or blended art.

Social Message Through Art

Thus, if art is your hobby, Whitefield will give you ample opportunities to become a torchbearer for spreading the art scene in the city. If you simply appreciate art, Whitefield will welcome you with open arms. “THE WORLD IS BURNING,” as environmentalists, philosophers, and social workers love to put it. It has thus become a trend for artists to add a social message through their works of art. As a contemporary artist from Kashmir says – “Art is more than materials – it is about character.” Corporate support for public art is gaining momentum in Whitefield. Experts are also connecting design and art for creating more effective public art projects.

Reflect, De-Stress & Get Enlightened

Kinetic art installations and eco-friendly works are in abundance in Whitefield. Don’t miss the travelling art shows here. Whitefield may be known for its traffic snarls, global conglomerates and IT hubs, but art exhibitions and galleries are also very much a part of this real estate paradise. In Whitefield, art is everywhere, in everything. While its art galleries play an important role in society, public art in metro stations, parks and malls take creativity to a broader audience. Public art helps you reflect, de-stress and get enlightened, even when you are in the midst of insanity.

Art Galleries In WhitefieldArt Galleries In Whitefield

If art defines your life, Whitefield is your place to settle down, if you are looking to live in Bengaluru. The city has a plethora of art galleries, antique shops and auctions. In Whitefield, you should visit the Life On Wall art gallery located on the lower ground floor, next to Reliance Digital, Inorbit Mall, Whitefield. You may find installations catering to different audiences, ranging from abstract, still life, portraits, landscapes etc. The gallery offers ideas for homes and offices. They also offer custom-made paintings. Next stop could be the Dukan Fine Art & Antiques on 11 Whitefield Main Road.

Their collection includes Porcelain & Ceramics, Art & Sculptures, Antique Oil Lamps, Antiquarian Books, Maps & Prints, and Furniture. The gallery also offers gifting options such as Limited Edition Folios and Giclee Reprints. Other galleries that you may visit are Asian Arts Emporium on Whitefield Main Road, ANKA Graphics in Anka Arcade, beside ITPL, and Dharani Arts & Handicrafts Emporium on Varthur Road. If these are not enough to keep you busy, start exploring! The city is huge and so is Whitefield.

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