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Interiors - Space and Sensibility

Aug 21, 2017 12:27 PM

Have you ever wondered how do you personalize your space to make it feel your own? Do you prefer funky or have an elite taste of choice and preferences?

Here, you will find what you need to evaluate and consider when it comes to personalizing your space!

We take you through tips and tricks to mend your pending interior decors..

Here it first from our experts –

* By introducing a little chirpiness in the ambience. Chirpiness has little to do with the number of objects you buy and distribute around the house and has more to do with the reflection of your attitude. When you choose to color the interior walls of the cupboard or choose a texture to go with the ceiling, you invite and reflect a sense of variety in you.

*Next time think twice before throwing out those post cards and souvenirs. Look up the internet and let your imagination take wings. You don’t have to collect money to buy those little things anymore; you can create you very own real art by being your own artist!

* Choose ‘yellow lights’ instead of ‘white lights’ next time you decide to replace the bulbs. The yellow light will help you create a sense and feeling of warmth and likeness.

* Add a little signature to your space! Create your own style with a design of your own on the walls. Define your own personality by may be adding bold colors on the wall. Try a little mix and match of things to know the best combination that looks best in your space.

* Customize a corner of your living area or set aside a space exclusively to relax while you read a book. Look for a rocking chair that will help you embark on a good story-telling experience.

* Next time try something cooler with the furniture around you. Instead of the same old boring sofa set, choose a nice bean bag to crash-in or may be order that recliner you have always wanted.

* Forget geometry and try some algebra! Yes, you heard that right. Instead of following all the rules of arrangements, venture on breaking some and find interesting combinations that will remain dear to you for a long time.

* Optimize what you have; think of ways where you can utilize what you have for more than one purpose. This will help you cut costs and will give you a little budget flexible.


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