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Basic Tools Required at Home

Aug 03, 2017 06:49 PM

With the era of modern technology, thousands of manual things have changed into automated system. Not only at factories but the use of these machines have been extended to the homes of those who are able to afford it.

There are many odd jobs at our homes that needs to be done now and then. For example fix a leaking pipe, changing a bulb, taking care of electrical loose connection etc. We tend to call professional for this minor work which can be done by a layman if provided with proper tools. With patience and right tool, along with little knowledge from internet if required, any person can handle such jobs. Here is a list of some basic tools that you should keep at home which would be required to do these handyman jobs:

Screw Driver – It is needed to tighten or loosen screws from cupboards, switch boards etc. Testers are also screw drivers that have insulated handle and tiny bulb which glows when the current passes through it.

Drills – Drills and wall punch are mechanical devices that are used for boring holes into woods, wall, metals and concretes. Wall punch is sometimes used when the drill machine is not available.

Hammers – This tool helps to put nails in the wood or wall tightly.

Pliers – Pliers are used to cutting objects. Cutting pliers are helpful in getting a grip or turning wires and other metal objects.

Nuts and bolts – A variety of fasteners like nail, screws, nuts and bolts are useful for getting minor things repaired at home and these things are easier accessible at any hardware store.

Spanners – These help in fastening nuts and bolts. They are used to tighten or loosen the nuts.

Pipe wrench – This tool is generally used for plumbing work like changing pipes or taps.

Electrical Extension Cord – It is a cord that is coiled in a box that can be extended when the electrical plug point is far from the appliance. This is a very useful and essential tool and so every home should have an extension cord.

Ladder – Every house needs a ladder to remove things from the shelf, clean the cealing, reach the fan and lights, change the light bulbs etc

Tape – Insulation tape is mostly used for covering the broken or open electrical wires for shock protection. Also, every home requires a measuring tape which helps to measure various things at the time of need.

Adhesive and Sealants – Sealants like M-seal can be used for sealing minor water leakage and adhesive like fevikwik is an instant adhesive that helps to bond almost everything like glass, fibre, paper, plastic, wood etc. It’s very handy and definitely helps to fix lot of broken things around the house.

It is always a good idea that you invest in a repairs tool box with all the basic tools mentioned above. But it’s also important to learn how to use them correctly. These tools are easily available to pick up at any hardware shops and they are not very expensive. You can do some reading on this or watch videos on the internet for guidance and instructions on how to work smartly and safely. Anybody can be a handyman at home provided you have some interest for it.

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